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Measures Adopted by The Greek Government for the Financial Support & Protection of Greek Businesses in Relation to COVID-19

The Greek Government has adopted several measures for the financial support and protection from bankruptcy of Greek businesses whose operation is suspended or affected by COVID-19. The basic measures adopted so far are in brief the following:

  • Postponement of payment of securities with expiration/payment date from 30.3.2020 to 31.5.2020
  • Postponement of payment of loan instalments for corporate loans
  • Three-month state subsidy for the payment of interest on loans and other credit instruments.
  • Interest free working capital loans (2-year interest subsidy by the Hellenic development bank)
  • State financial aid to affected businesses in the form of refundable prepayment.
  • 40% reduction of business rent
  • Suspension of employment contracts
  • Postponement of payment of vat, taxes, state fees etc. or 25% reduction in future tax obligations in case of payment at the initial deadline.
  • Postponement of payment of social security contributions
  • Exceptional arrangements regarding termination of contracts between tourism businesses (18-months postponement of refund of deposits/prepayments in case of cancellation of contracts)

The Greek Government has announced that more measures shall be adopted in the following weeks, especially for businesses in the tourism sector.


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